I am honored anytime anyone asks me to officiate their wedding ceremony.  I am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and marriage plays a major role in our life as people and our relationship to God.  Therefore, some of my requirements below and the way in which I will officiate your ceremony will reflect upon that.  Also, I want you to know that in asking me to officiate your wedding you are actually asking me to be a part of your marriage.  I take the role of uniting you in marriage very seriously before God and your friends and family.  Therefore, some of the requirements below will also reflect upon that.

I ask each couple to consider two things:

  1. I love and recommend for each couple to write their own wedding vows (this is something that I will gladly help you with).  If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own vows I have many sample vows.
  2. I suggest that each couple writes a short paragraph about why you love each other and email it to me two Wednesdays before your wedding